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Energy Assessment

Energy Assessment

Service Charge Associates carry out surveys of building services plant and equipment to ensure the optimum use of energy.  


Our aim is to reduce your energy usage, whilst maintaining or where possible, improving the operation of the services.


Where appropriate, the following checks can be undertaken:

• An in-depth survey of the operation of the Building Management System (BMS) to ensure it controls all devices efficiently.  

• A review of temperature set points and plant operating times at the building.

• Measure the operational efficiency of boilers, chillers, lifts and ventilation plant, which are high energy-consuming equipment.  

• An assessment of the lighting controls and lighting types in order to ensure best practice and optimum energy efficiency.

• Evaluate existing energy contracts including re-tenders and review of tariff rates to ensure value for money.


Following an inspection, we will make recommendations to reduce your energy bill or the potential for sustainable energy and resource management, such as rainwater harvesting.



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Service Charge Reviews

We also offer a free service charge review on one or more service charge years to assess value for money and to provide recommendations to improve on service charge cost efficiencies.




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