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Lease Review

Existing or draft lease review

We are trained and experienced in reading lease agreements and interpreting the appropriate recoverability of service charge and other building costs.


We can advise you on proposed service charge provisions in draft leases to identify potential irrecoverable costs and proposed wording to improve lease provisions in your favour, such as:


• Repairing and maintenance provisions for the building fabric, M&E plant and lifts.

• The range of service contracts that should be included.

• The appropriateness of fund provisions.

• Apportionment basis.

• Access provisions.

• Dilapidations provisions.

• The accuracy of common parts and demised premises definitions.

• Any additional heads of expenditure that should be included or removed.



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Many leases are generic and do not correspond well with the building specifics.


We can undertake an assessment of the lease, visit the building and advise on the appropriateness of the proposed lease drafting.  Therefore, we can ensure that our advice is tailored to your specific needs at the proposed building.  


This could be undertaken at the same time as a condition survey of the demised space to capture the condition prior to the commencement of the lease.

Assistance with conveyancing

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