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Possible scenarios &            case studies

Possible scenarios & case studies

Scenario 1 - Service charge review


A commercial tenant perceived that they were receiving substandard service and paying more service charges than they had expected. SCA provided a detailed review of the service charges and quality of service provided. The tenants were consulted and the findings were presented to the landlord and its agent.  The issues were then worked through to improve service standards and value for money received by the tenants.


Scenario 2 - Service charge set up


We have advised managing agents on best practice in setting up and adjusting service charge apportionment schedules, procurement of services and cost recovery.  


Scenario 3 - Sub-tenant recovery


A commercial tenant instructed SCA to review costs incurred in providing common services and whether all costs were being recovered from the sub-tenants.  SCA reviewed invoices and lease provisions to determine appropriate cost recovery.  A significant amount of uninvoiced charges were discovered and recovered from the sub-tenants.

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Scenario 4 - Project Co-ordination


As part of a clients/landlords planned maintenance programme, major air conditioning or building services plant may need to be replaced or refurbished. For example, machinery may be at the end of its economic life, or, in the case of chiller plant there may be refrigerant gas phase-out issues in line with the Kyoto Protocol.


Service Charge Associates have designed and managed plant replacement works. Working closely with the Building Manager, in-house maintenance engineers, managing agent and occupiers to ensure that the project meets the original design brief. We tendered the works, held contractor interviews, and issued instructions to the contractors.  


The works were managed to a successful conclusion on time and within the agreed budget.