Service Charge Audits


Service Charge Audits

If your building seems to cost more than you feel it should or you would value a "health check" to assess how the service charge is being managed, a service charge audit will help provide a detailed appraisal.

Our service charge audits assess and comment on:

Financial compliance

Value for money

• Accuracy of financial accounting.
• Compliance with service contract provisions and charging mechanisms.

• Benchmarking.
• Prospects for potential efficiency opportunities and economies.
• Cost benefit assessments.
• Tendering and market testing.

Lease compliance

RICS compliance

• Appropriateness of cost recovery, application of service charge caps and apportionments.
• Consideration of alternative courses of action.
• Proactivity in fulfilling lease obligations.

• Timeliness (and accuracy of) budgets, certificates and other information.
• Transparency, communication and consultation.
• Sinking / reserve fund collections.
• Consistent use of cost codes.
• Explanation of cost variances and clarity of information provided.

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